Friday, July 15, 2011

A trail above the water

For many years, we have lived sort of alongside the Murdock Canal.
Marc and I have both covered stories about the canal that bisects North Utah County, stories about people who found out in a tragic way that the sparkling, rushing water wasn't friendly, that once someone got in there was no getting out.
We've covered stories about teenagers who tried to prove they could outwit the siphons and grown men who underestimated the water's power.
We've biked through the fields and lawns that bordered the waterway.
Marc has picked up many a bullhead in his tires from the weeds on the trail on the edge of the canal.
When we learned that the Provo Water Users Association and Utah County and the seven cities between Orem and Lehi had hammered out a contract that not only called for covering the canal but also for putting a trail over top, we couldn't quite believe it.
But the ink is dry on the contract and the work is pushing ahead so perhaps it's OK to celebrate.
We love to bike.
We enjoy the outdoors and the exercise.
We de-stress on our bikes and so the more trails we see, the better.
Highland has done a good job making trails through nearly every neighborhood.
Lindon deserves high marks also. (American Fork has room for improvement as does Alpine.)
The cities in between are kind of hit and miss about it but the Murdock trail will resolve much of the missing pieces.
It's supposed to be finished by the spring of 2013 — two years from now, two years before initially planned and two years later than we'd like.
I just talked to a couple of guys in charge who told me to be patient a while longer. It'll be worth it, they say.
Can't be too soon.

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