Thursday, November 3, 2011

The construction puzzles

These days it's a challenge to drive anywhere in Utah and Salt Lake counties.
You have to be able to negotiate lots of little orange barrels and drive on the side of the road where the stoplights are not.
You need to be ready to slow and stop at a moment's notice and hope-hope-hope the cars behind you do the same.
I don't know how we'll manage in the winter.
It's a maze.
SR-92 is always drifted over and impossible to see in a snowstorm.
You add these jersey barriers on both sides and a couple of unexpected lane changes and it'll be a collision course.
Oh, and guess what? UDOT just informed the people along the route that — surprise — the roadwork won't be done by the end of October. (A real surprise given they sent out their news announcement the first of November!)
Drive this way
It's literally driving most of us crazy as we try to get from here to there.
There's nowhere to go that isn't littered with orange and flag people.
And as soon as you figure one route out, it changes to something else.
The other night I was trying to get home from Orem to my daughter's home in north Lehi.
I took the new 2100 North exit and headed up 300 West to Bull River Road.
Suddenly there was a "Road closed" sign ahead of me but there was nowhere I could see to go.
I thought I would have to turn around in the dark when the road suddenly dropped away.
I was now driving on dirt in what appeared to be an excavated zone. A tiny sign said "Keep Right" so I did and now I was on a narrow curving road that headed east.
My granddaughter was alarmed.
"Grandma!" she said. "They took away the road! It's gone!"
I assured her it wasn't gone — just different — and drove on, not at all sure that I wasn't headed for disaster.
We came out close to her house and arrived safely but I'm thinking she's pretty much right.
The roads as we know them are gone.

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