Monday, November 14, 2011

Other things I do

For almost a year now I've been writing some stories — officially they're called project profiles — for the Won-Door Corporation.
In case you didn't know, Won-Door manufactures the kind of sliding accordion doors that divide the cultural hall from the chapel in most LDS buildings.
They also have doors in hospitals, schools, government buildings and malls, all sizes, lengths and varieties. (The Pentagon has 20 in each of its five wedges!) They keep out fire, smoke and people from whatever part or parts of a building that needs to be protected.
A Dura-Sound door in a school
I started out knowing very little about these doors and a year later, know quite a bit more. I've learned terms like Fire-Guard and Sound Barrier and why it matters if a door can be closed manually as well as automatically when the sprinklers and smoke alarms go off.
movie theater door
It's been an interesting ride but not very many people know about it or what I'm doing.
Even my daughter admitted the other day that she had no idea the doors in the churchhouses were the ones I was talking about.
I decided it was time to advertise a bit.
The Won-Door Corporation has an office in Salt Lake and district offices all over the United States. They'll celebrate the company's 50th anniversary next year.
The company has my respect, after working with various district managers over the past 11 months. They seem to have it together.
My pieces appear on their company website but you have to look for them. (I have the URL on my links of favorites on the right-hand side. At the bottom of the page, there's a place called "blog" and that's my stuff.)
If you get a chance, check it out.
I think some of the profiles are pretty interesting and hey, if anyone else out there needs something similar done for their company or product, just ask me.

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