Monday, November 28, 2011

True "Breaking Dawn" fans, unite!

Old guys who've never read the books won't get it.
Younger women who don't identify with Bella won't get it.
You've pretty much got to be a serious fan to love the Twilight movies, especially "Breaking Dawn."
If you don't know the history, it's hard to see why Bella is so nervous as she marches down the aisle. It's hard to comprehend what Bella is giving up to marry Edward and why it bugs Jacob who is so upset about getting his wedding invitation that he rushes out to phase into werewolf status, tearing off his shirt along the way (always an audience favorite moment!).
You can't really enjoy the love scenes and the honeymoon unless you're invested in the Edward/Bella story.
Now I know people complain that the movie is too sensual and too bloody and to them, I say, "What did you expect of a vampire honeymoon?"
I think it's unfair to expect a tidy story here.
After all, people, the book is about vampires trying to fit into regular society and a love story for the centuries.
Those of us who devoured the Twilight books are loving the movies, seeing Bella and Edward and characters like Alice come to life.
You're all free to be disinterested if you like but just hush about it.
Follow the example set by my good husband.
He jumped in once the furor began and actually read the books.
He's gone to the movies with my daughters and me and he's behaved himself. (For "Breaking Dawn" he sat alone in the front section  — this 60-year-old gray-haired man —while we three females sat a few rows back. We had to buy his ticket later and couldn't get it with us. He looked really cute explaining to all the women around him that he wasn't a dirty old man who had come alone, he had female companions in the theater.)
He's now entitled to an opinion because he knows the back story. (He is not allowed to snicker in the love scenes.)
But the rest of you, if you haven't paid your dues, don't talk to me about how you didn't like it or it didn't make sense to you. So what if werewolves and vampires don't actually exist and a human and a vampire could never make a flesh-and-stone baby? Who cares that a vampire pregnancy wraps it up in a couple of very hard weeks?
Love conquers all, you know.

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