Friday, December 2, 2011

Girls wrapped in a bubble

Hannah inside a big bubble
I've long been a fan of the Festival of Trees.
I think it's one of most innovative and well-run charity fund-raisers out there.
I'm giving away my age when I say I remember it when it started in the Salt Palace with about 100 trees for a 2-day stint.
It quickly outgrew the space.
Now there are 700 trees plus gingerbread houses, wreaths, doors, small trees, kid's crafts, a boutique, sweets and a running talent show in the South Towne Expo Center for four days.
Trees were generally green or white with lots of lights and pretty ornaments.
Today, there are all colors and kinds including sports trees, a Peanuts comic tree, and Barbie trees (My 3-year-old granddaughter planted her feet squarely and refused to leave this tree. She also refused to share it with any other kids, telling them to beat it when they tried to look at it).
There's a red-neck Christmas tree with packages wrapped in newspaper, an "Up" tree with Kevin the mother bird sticking right out of the middle and balloons standing in for a star.
You name it and somebody's made a beautiful tree out of it.
It's a gorgeous and mesmerizing sight.
But the best part right now is the Kid's Korner.
Someone has come up with a whole variety of inexpensive and easy-to-make crafts for children. They can make star ornaments, fuzzy caterpillar strips, layered sand necklaces and plaster ornaments. They can call one of Santa's elves for just a single ticket.
I have been impressed with the price.
While trees and gingerbread creations are out there selling for thousands of dollars, in the Kid's Korner everything is just a couple of tickets and the tickets are 3/$1.
How great is that when you have kids who want a wand AND a chance to fish for a prize AND a chance to stand inside a giant bubble?
Bless you organizers for staying in touch with the reality, recognizing that almost everyone coming to the Festival is going to bring a child or two who's going to get bored with beauty and creativity.
By having an inexpensive Kid's Korner, you take them out of the aisles, make a little more money and soothe the savaged parents.

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