Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping for free

In today's busy world, there's so much pressure — not the least of which is the pressure to save money or get a deal.
I had a particularly hard day this past week when I had opportunities to save all around me.
First of all, my son gave me a $200 gift card to Robert's where he works. Since Robert's is going out of business, he has these cards to give to friends and family.
I was really glad to be family because I love Robert's and have a whole list of things I like to buy there.
I started planning and on the day I got my card, I could hardly focus on driving properly on the way to the store.
I tossed colored papers and glitter paint and stickers and pages of vinyl lettering into my cart. I raided the art supply aisle picking up canvas boards and frames and brushes.
At the end of my journey I stood in line as the girl rang it all up. I had spent $120. $80 left to go.
I drove over to the store in Orem and grabbed a Melissa & Doug wooden barn, more stickers, some velvet paint kits, more lettering.
It was so much fun but at the end I was happy to have successfully spent my card. I had been feeling pressured to spend it well and before the store shelves were empty.
Next I headed over to Target because I had a $5 off coupon if I spent $50. I usually have no problem spending money at Target either so I took a cart and started off.
I picked up fruit including a pineapple and some strawberries for the family party. I added cans of tomato sauce and liters of Sprite.
Still $30 to go.
I grabbed some packages of raisins and some cake mixes. Now I was almost there.
I added some sugar and flour and oil. I kept adding and adding trying to make sure I didn't come in at $49 and miss my savings.
I tossed in some candy and nuts.
At the checkout stand I was exhausted and happily right where I needed to be.
The total came to $51 something and then the $5 off coupon applied. I was proud of my little self and relieved to be done saving money.
Then came the receipt. But wait, it came along with another coupon, this one for $8 for spending $80 that has to be used before Wednesday.
The checkout lady said, "You're really lucky! Nobody ever gets those!"
Oh, dear!

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