Friday, December 9, 2011

Upgrading the old TV

I'll admit if it wasn't for Marc in our household, we would probably still be watching television on a snow-filled 26-inch screen.
I'm very resistant when it comes to upgrading for the technology.
I didn't think I cared when color televisions started to come in high definition and on plasma screens and do the laundry for you. (Just kidding, they don't do the laundry yet but just wait a while.)
But each time we've improved our situation, I've found that it's quite nice.
We can see our shows better.
The TV behaves. When everything went to high definition, we were prepared.
Yesterday, Marc's wishes came true and we bought a flat-screen, LED or LCD or LDS-type TV.
We had to ditch the top of our corner cupboard and redo the landscaping.
The rats nest of cords in back of the cupboard got to go.
And now we have to find a new home for the "old" TV that I thought we loved.
It's too big. It's out of vogue.
And, oh yeah, it won't respond anymore to the remote which actually brought on its demise.
Marc cannot live without a working remote and I'll admit it tells me it's time to move along.
So in a moment of financial madness, we made the leap.
Easy, breezy
We headed to the furniture store and while I sat blissfully in a red velvet lounger, Marc talked shop with the saleman. He loves all the techno babble and me, not so much.
About 45 minutes later we were driving oh-so-carefully away with this lovely 40-inch flat-screen television that gets a prime spot in the family room.
It does have nice features. Theoretically I can surf the Internet and check emails and get work done during the commercials now.
I can see every little hair and imperfection on the actors' faces. How great is that?
And look at this simple little remote that comes with it. I know I'll learn to love it.

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