Friday, December 23, 2011

Many early returns

Marc and I both hate returning stuff to the stores.
It takes forever.
I always feel I'm perceived as trying to get away with something and Marc just hates the hassle. He'd prefer to just forget whatever the problem is and keep things calm.
I don't particularly enjoy it but it bugs me to be overcharged or to get something broken or something I can't use.
So, for the most part, we try to stay out of the return and exchange line.
This year, however, I've been back to switch something out three times already and it's not Christmas official yet.
The first was a Harry Potter DVD I bought back before we owned a Blu-ray outfit and I thought I had bought one that was both regular and Blu-ray.
When I was showing my daughter which one I'd purchased for a good price, I realized the one under the tree all wrapped up didn't have the blue top thingy.
I went home and opened it up. I even showed it to Marc who agreed it was not a Blu-ray copy.
"It'll be fine," he said in that tone that told me he was dismayed.
I headed to the store trying to fit the exchange into a half-hour window I had in my busy day.
The line was five people long at the exchange counter and took several of my precious minutes but I got a gift card and rushed to the back of the store to get the proper DVD.
I came back to the "Speedy Checkout - 20 items or less."
There were five folks ahead of me. Looked good.
But the first lady was really old and REALLY slow. She couldn't work the card reader or write her name on the screen. She also couldn't move very quickly. She took up 10 of my remaining 15 minutes.
The next customer was quick and bought her 10 gingerbread house kits lickety-split.
But the next was a Hispanic lady who apparently counts 20 items differently. I counted 39 and several of those she picked up and refused to hand over to the checker. She'd decided she didn't want those.
Next I bought new glasses but one has a chip in it. It had to go back.
I forgot to bring my $50 gift card for my Honeybaked Ham so we're going to stop and effect a refund and rebuy.
Marc is being dragged along for both of these.
Merry Christmas, dear.

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