Friday, December 16, 2011

A spider, a snowflake and 2 violins

Tis the season for grandkid Christmas programs and I love it.
I don't mind squeezing the car into a no-parking zone by the school or driving around in the dark to find the door at the back of the school that's open to the gym where the orchestra is going to play.
I don't even care that the Grinch in the parking lot near the busy school gets to tell me to move it or it'll be towed.
The nicest spider
I don't mind the crowded conditions inside though the tall guys who sit in front of me blocking the view of my favorite spider are annoying.
I just love seeing the enthusiasm, the sweet confidence, the look in their bright, little eyes as they see that I've come to see them sing their songs or read their part or play their instrument.
It's precious.
This year we have Alyson being Charlotte the spider in the 3rd grade version of Charlotte's Web.
It's so funny
It's snowing in England
We have Adell singing all the words to "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" and laughing when we come to the part about the seasick crocodile because she knows I think that part is somewhat gross.
We have Jack in England being a snowflake and getting irate because people keep telling him he's beautiful and he's a boy, after all. Only girls are beautiful!
We have Samantha and Emma playing their violins.
A bright star
Samantha is almost 12 and just picked up the instrument a few weeks ago but she can play it. (She's especially good on the circle move!)
We have Emma who is very young to be playing a violin but she has a gig with her teacher at the Joseph Smith Memorial building on Christmas Eve Eve.
It's all good and makes me appreciate being a stay-at-home albiet unemployed grandma at the moment. I have no problem working these shows into my schedule.
And I agree with my friend Robert Kirby who wrote in his recent column that it doesn't really matter what you can see from the cheap seats, it's the view from the stage into the audience that counts.

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