Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vocal Point focus

For the past couple of months, Monday night has been Vocal Point night for Marc and me.
Because BYU's a cappella group has been singing and succeeding on NBC's "the sing-off" show, I've been watching and taking notes so I could send up stories about them.
In the beginning, I didn't really take into account how many shows I would have to end up watching.
Not that it's been a bad thing.
I really like watching Vocal Point. They are funny and good at what they do. Their songs are enjoyable and they entertain.
It's the other songs and singers that bug me, especially some of the rapper kind of songs that go on and on.
I've never been a rap fan and usually when the song wanders off, so do I.
(Invariably, the songs I dislike the most brings raves from the judges so what do I know?)
We've sat for two hours now every Family Home Evening night for weeks.
We've become so well acquainted with Vocal Point that when we went to the Watch Party at Jordan Commons last week, we felt like family.
Several members of the group were running around hugging and shaking hands and I almost forgot they wouldn't know me from Adam because I've only talked to them on the phone.
Once I told them my name, they recognized my byline but my face was that of a stranger. They had to struggle to think of something to say to me.
"Thanks for the stories," said McKay Crockett (who looks a lot younger and more vulnerable in real life).
"Yeah, they were good," said Keith Evans.
"We liked them," said another group member who was looking around for somewhere else to be.
I didn't mind.
I'm still a fan. So as they were voted off last night, I had mixed emotions. It'll be nice to get back to our home evening lessons.
I've grown to love Vocal Point and their charm. I think they were somewhat rooked because if they had got to where the audience could vote, I think 14 million Mormons could have heated up the phone lines and sent them over the finish line.
Perhaps some politics came into play?
Here's the KSL link to my final story with video. Enjoy. (

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  1. They were robbed. Pentatonix and Vocal Point are the top two and in the end, Vocal Point would have taken it. It has got to be rigged somehow. Thanks for the post.