Monday, March 12, 2012

The Achilles Heel meal

Most of the time, I'm a frugal gourmet.
I buy meats at a discount. I use a menu so I can use up leftovers and things hanging around.
I carry coupons with me so I can get the best deal.
I'm generally watching the prices pretty carefully when we eat out which means Marc usually doesn't dare order anything more expensive than my dinner.
So when I threw caution to the oceans last weekend and ordered the $70 crab legs, he was pretty shocked.
The last time I did something so out of character was when we were in Hawaii with my daughter and she wanted crab.
"OK," I told her, "as long as it's not more than $50. That's the sky-high limit."
The market price that day was $49.99.
This time we were celebrating Marc's positive job review which came with a raise and a nice bonus so I was feeling pretty flush.
I will admit, though, $70 crab is way up there.
That's when the waitress moved in for the kill.
"You better grab it while you can," she said. "We may not be able to get crab for much longer."
She explained that the Alaskan fishing industry is worried about crab demand and availability. She said the industry board had cut what could be sold in half.
"That'll make it too expensive for us and for most customers," she said.
Suddenly $70 seemed cheap. That's what, a mere $35 a leg?
I ordered the crab legs.
I ate the crab legs.
I so thoroughly enjoyed the crab legs and Marc enjoyed the morsel I shared with him.
We don't regret the extravagance although I'm a little worried about my next crab meal. How much is that going to cost?

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