Tuesday, March 20, 2012

High resolutions

No matter what Marc says or does to entice me to appreciate the fine world of high resolution, I remain largely unimpressed.
Granted, I like watching television when I can see the players and actors who don't appear to be in the middle of a snowstorm but when it gets to noticing the hair in their ears and the sweat on their brows, I can't see the attraction.
I lived (and live) through the first weeks after we bought our new flat screen TV with daily queries about how marvelous it was and is.
I nod when Marc asks me to notice how fine a picture we receive. I smile politely.
(I just want to see my soaps without interruption, please.)
Now, he's waxing on about the iPads -- yes, that's a plural because my son has asked us to bring him one when we come to England next week.
Not only did he wait anxiously for them but when the store mistakenly sold them when they didn't reach him on the phone, he was livid.
Finally, Monday, he got one in his hot little hands and it's the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel. He's flying high.
"Look at the resolution," he instructs. "Can you believe how crystal clear it is?"
I peek over and see a screen with little icons and little colors.
I watch as he works over the Google maps to show me where the little towns in England are with the cemeteries we want to visit.
I see fuzzy trees and rooftops and tiny roads.
"Isn't that great?" he implores.
Yeah, sure. It looks OK to me but I weary quickly as he drives on through the screen, on and on and on. He's already planning on new apps, new "clothes" for it and a keyboard while I'm still trying to see why one needs a Smartphone AND an iPad.
I guess it's pretty spectacular.
Everybody but me seems way impressed, so much so that they're spending beaucoup bucks on these little devices and willing to stand in long lines to do so.
I suppose I just don't understand what I'm seeing.
People tell me it's "so cool" and "way out there."
So why don't I care more?

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