Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The email I can't get

So I've been trying to sort out this problem with my email account that comes with the city Internet service.
I have it as sort of a backup so when my account with The Deseret News goes kablonk, I still have a window on the virtual world.
More than once, it's saved me to be able to transfer clients and sources to my backup account.
This time, however, it was the problem.
I'd been sailing along just fine when all of a sudden it asked for my email account and password.
I tried the password I'm currently using and the one before that. (I find if I keep it simple and basically use the same password for everything, I have less trouble. You identity thieves, rejoice. I make it easy.)
It didn't like anything I submitted so I changed tactics and tried some variations.
It didn't budge.
Since it didn't offer any options, I went to my Deseret News account administrator and bothered him. He couldn't find a solution and in fact, didn't know what the heck I was talking about.
I wrote to the city service on their website and explained my dilemma.
I heard nothing.
It's now been over a week and I know there are emails piling up and things to tend to.
I gathered up the strength to make a phone call (which requires sitting around and waiting for the next customer service representative, etc.) and explained my plight.
The nice young man promptly gave me my password, an ancient one I haven't used in 20 years.
It works.
The logjam is cleared and I'm going through my 142 emails only to find one from them.
"Your password is incorrect," it says. "Please call our office for additional assistance."
Wait a minute....
I haven't been getting any email but they send an email to tell me what to do about not getting any email?
What am I missing here?

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