Friday, April 27, 2012

His car, my car

We are actually looking at another trip even as we finish unpacking from the last one.
This time it's to southern California.
Since we never successfully completed a trade for a condo in England, we changed our request to something where it's warm and sunny. We figured we can hang out at the beach or pop over to Disneyland if we get bored. (We have to use our trade or lose our exchange fee.)
That trade came through this last week so in September we'll be on the Capistrano Beach.
We'll fly down and then we'll have to rent a car.
Now, over the years, we've rented more than a few such vehicles...from PT Cruisers to Sentras to the Peugeot we just drove in England.
What Marc wants
(Our favorite was the Jeep Tracker we rented in Cancun for $5 on one of those deals where you suffer through a timeshare presentation for an hour or so in exchange for saving big money.)
We've had bright blue economy cars and lots of no-name, generic economy cars. One time, the agency gave us a Tahoe because they were all out of the cheaper rides. That was a big change.
Usually they serve us just fine, getting us from here to there without too much stress or trouble. We blend in with all the other rentals and it doesn't break the bank to pay for the privilege.
This time Marc wants to break out of the mold.
He suggested we look for something snazzy like a convertible. It's only a few dollars more, he says.
I'm not sure he's right.
I've seen those options on the rental car menus...the flashy cars with no visible price tag.
So we'll see.
I'm more prone to the sensible mode of transportation, something that moves along without complaint and has room for our luggage.
What we'll probably get
But I'm willing to talk.
In the meantime I've found a few pictures of what I think he wants versus what I tend to pick.
What do you think?

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  1. Actually, I'd like to find something in the middle -- like a Miata. Is that so wrong?