Monday, April 16, 2012

A teeny-tiny everything

Marc and I have a pretty good relationship.
We enjoy one another's company and for the most part, we like being together.
But the last three days in London in the Lincoln House Hotel were truly a test.
To be fair, the management warned us.
They said right in their web advertisement that the two-bed room I wanted was only 11-meters in size.
I figured how bad could it be for a downtown London accommodation?
Walk this way
The price was fair and it was just a hop, skip and a few cobblestones from the Marble Arch underground station.
It was elegantly decorated with little lights framing the artwork on the walls and big mirrors everywhere.
The beds were firm and warm.
A skylight in the ceiling served as our window to the outside world.
But it was a teeny-tiny space with a teeny-tiny bathroom and NO wiggle room.
To get into the shower, one had to stand right next to the toilet. Once in the shower, there was no turning around or making any rash decisions like reaching for shampoo or soap.
Mind the gap
The teeny-tiny sink was just outside the bathroom door and down the step. There was no vanity space so everything had to be brought with you for brushing your teeth or combing your hair.
There wasn't any room for luggage holders so the suitcases either stood on the floor or had to be up on the beds.
Every move had to be efficiently planned.
To pass down the aisle, we had to take turns.
It was up close and personal living.
We had virtually no privacy.
What's the old joke? You had to go outside to change your mind?
It's funny now and will become a fond memory, I'm sure but right now, Marc and I are really happy to home living where there's room for a relationship.

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