Friday, April 13, 2012

No Tom-Tom for you

Who needs it?
I couldn't see spending the pounds when the rental car guy asked if we wanted to rent a GPS unit for our trip around England.
I know it's nice to have a lovely British voice guide you around the roundabouts but the price? They wanted 10 pounds a day or roughly $16 for each of the 10 days we'd have the car.
That seemed like a lot so I said "No!" while Marc said "Yes!"
He didn't fight hard but I could tell he was dismayed.
In retrospect, I should've bowed to his inclination since he was the one driving but this was our fifth trip to England and we ought to know our way around by now, right?
I'd blessedly blocked out how stressful it is to not only be driving on the wrong side of the road from the wrong side of the car but to also be changing gears backwards and trying to make sense of the road signs at a good speed.
In addition, we'd been flying for more than 12 hours and we were kinda hashed.
So we took off in Enterprise's nice, new, silver Peugeot and headed toward Windsor out of London.
At maybe the third roundabout on our trip Marc started to turn to the right while I pointed to the left exit.
He lost confidence and swerved my direction at the last minute and we bounced off the high curb, bursting a tire and losing air.
We pulled over (which isn't easy in a country with almost no "hard shoulders" on their roads) and surveyed the damage.
The tire was flat, flat, flat and we had no clue what to do. The Peugeot's spare was underneath the car, held on by a bolt released by some unknown magic.
We ended up borrowing a mobile phone from a poor fella trying to eat his lunch nearby and called Enterprise. They sent out a handyman who changed the tire and then led us to a little town nearby with the proper tyre shop.
An hour or later we were good to go.
After that, we borrowed a Tom-Tom of one kind or another from my son and his wife and we weren't ever hopelessly lost again though it was still pretty scary.
The fish and chips were fine near the tyre shop
I feared curbs the rest of the trip, even dreamed we were hitting them. I braked as much as I could from my side and closed my eyes a lot.
We still don't know what the bill is. Marc thinks Enterprise will bear the cost while I'm expecting we bought them a nice new $300 Michelin tyre and a fee for the handyman visit.
Keep posted.

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