Monday, July 9, 2012

And he's surprised because?

So this guy who works for BYU objects publicly to allowing the new 9-story missionary training center in his neighborhood.
And he's surprised to get called in to discuss it with LDS Church authorities who persuade him to buck up and sustain the church's plans?
I don't get it.
He, after all, works for a university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, an institution that requires an ecclesiastical endorsement from your ward bishop if you want to be employed there.
He's challenging a building that will serve as a launch point for thousands of young missionaries headed into the world to deliver the message of the Gospel.
He lives in a neighborhood blessed with nice home values based on the proximity of the LDS temple and the MTC (which, by the way, is hardly a threat to the neighborhood except that it might cast a big shadow).
Again, I say, why is he surprised?
It's one thing to sign a petition or resist such development in a low-profile way but when you wave the red flag in the church's face, you're kind of asking for trouble.
We're members here of a church that asks for strict obedience and total loyalty.
We're here voluntarily.
In fact, most of us would fight to the death for the privilege of membership. That's in the contract.
We promise every week when we go to our sacrament meetings to "renew covenants" that we made at baptism, to do whatever we must do to further the work of the Kingdom. That includes supporting the building of temples, churches and missionary training facilities right along with not smoking, drinking or shopping on Sunday. It includes not mocking God.
So why are any of us upset when we make a public noise and are gently pulled back in line?
I really think it shows a disconnect when people think they should be allowed to go about shouting and kicking.
Either we are with the plan or we're not.

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