Friday, July 13, 2012

In love with the music man

I've been in love with Yanni for years now and my husband doesn't mind.
Ever since the first day I saw the display in Media Play of this handsome Greek guy with lots of wavy dark hair and put the earphones on to hear samples of his music, I've been hooked.
Marc knows the music soothes and restores me.
I use it to keep me sane, to boost my spirits, to fill me with joy.
And I'm not alone.
The concert last night was filled with fans just like me, ladies sighing and swaying, guys smiling, some even jumping up to smack hands with Yanni.
It was extraordinary and I was blissful.
The music has such a vibrancy and such heart.
The songs speak to my soul.
I can't believe a mere mortal can produce such majestic music and communicate that to musicians who can play it.
(The violinists, the drummer, the harpists, the keyboardist, the flugal horn guy, everybody is incredible.)
I believe I have all of Yanni's albums and his book and his video and I've either advanced or reviewed every concert he's given in Salt Lake, the most recent one just last night.
I've talked to him on the phone several times and e-mailed him back and forth this last go-around with interview questions.
The only thing I haven't done is meet him face-to-face which is probably good because I'd faint dead away. (I came close once but chickened out.)
I'm admittedly an irrational fan, one who is so glad he keeps making music.
I'll just be glad when he makes enough money to buy himself another T-shirt. This black, short-sleeved one has got to go.

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