Monday, July 2, 2012

Movie stars

Marc and I might not get another chance to be in the movies.
The 6-year-old director of the one we just finished isn't happy with our work.
She says we made too much noise and we didn't follow her directions very well.
How were we to know we were messing up?
When Adell told us we were making Part 3 of Barbie's Magical Fairytale, we didn't get a lot of notice.
Adell Spielberg
She came in the door beaming and carrying her the video camera she got for Christmas with her Sunday and told us we were filming.
She didn't tell us where to stand or what our character motivation was.
We barely had time to get into our places, much less rehearse our lines.
"Here, Grandma," Adell said, "You hold the signs," she said.
I held them up, switching places between the main title and the scene number and smiling at the camera.
"No, no," Adell said, a little exasperated. "You went too fast. I'm supposed to read the signs and then you change them."
Take 2.
This time I tried to wait until she read the first sign but then the wind blew and I muffed my scene again.
I pushed the Barbie dolls down the slide and into the water but the camera missed the action that came after they hit the water.
The monster roared and tried to scare the Barbies but all we could see on film was Marc's head as he dove (now he was Superman) to intercept the monster and carry him off to the sandbox.
He successfully buried the monster (Marc's hand) in the sand so the tiny movie has a happy ending.
I liked it. Marc liked it.
Adell thinks we need to reshoot.

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