Friday, June 29, 2012

The 10 Tribes truck

I found it fascinating that the Springville Museum of Art director was talking pretty seriously about the return of the 10 Lost Tribes.
He even quipped, during my interview with him, about providing a space for the artwork and the treasures that would come with them upon their return.
Vern Swanson, retiring after more than three decades as the museum's director, was unapologetic about his thinking.
He even offered to give me a picture of a painting that one of his artist friends had done after hearing him talk about the tribes' return.
It hangs in Swanson's home, a masterpiece that, I thought, really ought to be on public display.
The editors at the Deseret News understandably chose not to run the picture of the painting, probably so as to avoid all the letters they would get from people with no sense of humor.
But I thought it was great, funny and perhaps, prophetic in its way.
So I'm publishing it here for you'all to see.
I think it might make for a great Sunday School discussion piece.

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