Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Off to see the Wizard

My brother has let me know I might be whining a bit too often in these blogs.
He's probably right.
It's just so much easier to gripe than rejoice so bear with me for one more.
I need to say something about my not-so-resident Wizard before I explode.
This April, Marc tried out for the part of the wizard in the SCERA production of Wizard of Oz, with my encouragement actually, because I think he looks the part and I knew he'd love doing it.
This is despite the fact that he had promised himself and me he wouldn't do any more productions that didn't pay at least a stipend for his time and trouble. He would carefully choose the time and place.
He got the part and we looked over the rehearsal schedule.
The show was to open one month from the start.
That's fast, especially with a cast that has a LOT of young children in it who have to sing and dance and then sing and dance some more.
At first, Marc didn't have to go every night and every Saturday because the wizard doesn't sing and dance so much.
But now we're in the thick of it. Rehearsals are from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. in theory EVERY night and he has yet to hit the driveway coming home before 10:30.
Since he leaves for work around 7:30 a.m. and doesn't come home between the end of the workday and the start of rehearsal, that makes for a long day apart.
I feel like Rapunzel in her tower. I've done the laundry list of things to do. I've tended grandkids. I've shopped and spent money. I've written in my journal, read books for review, weeded the garden, trimmed the shrubs.
I've cleaned house. I've tidied the Barbie room, painted and sewed.
After a while, I just wait for my hero.
I have things I need to share that don't translate as well over the phone or by email.
I get restless and sad and mad.
I know in a few more days, the show will open and I'll be sitting in a front row seat enjoying the performance and feeling kinda proud that my wizard is in an entertaining role, giving the Tin Man a heart, the Lion some courage and the Scarecrow a brain.
But right now, I just need a hug from him.

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  1. I feel like that myself but it is actually the other way around. I am the one who is too busy. I need a hug, too.