Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The haunted wand

It should've been a clue when I found the magic wand at the very back of the toy store at a hugely discounted price.
"We keep them back there because they drive us crazy," said the cashier as she all too happily rang up the sale.
I couldn't imagine why they did that since the wands were colorful and fun, pink plastic with a hint of feathery fabric around the top.
I figured my grandchildren would love it.
So I brought it home, tucking it into the trunk on the way.
That's when I first noticed the bizarre sound.
When I braked or turned the car, I could hear this magical kind of whirring chime song.
I thought something was wrong with the car until I realized the music was coming from the trunk inside the bag with the wand in it.
I got it home and put it in the toy closet.
The grandkids did like it but it soon became apparent that this wand was weird.
Every time we opened the closet doors, it went off. Every time the wind blew, it went off. Every time anybody did anything, it went off.
Sometimes it chimed without provocation.
I hear it some nights when I'm home alone and in another room, on another floor.
(That kind of spooks me because I figure there has to be some movement to set it off, right?)
I've moved it from place to place to try to keep it quiet.
It's been up on the top shelf and under the bed.
It's currently on the bookshelf in my office next to the diapers for the baby grandchildren.
So now I hear it when I work.
I'm typing along when it starts to whirr.
I can't ever define a reason for it to make its noise although I've tried to figure out if it's when the furnace or air conditioning comes on or if I sit back in my chair.
As far as I can tell, it's simply demonic.
It just goes off when it wants to do so.
And it's increasingly annoying. I'm really tired of the little chimes that repeat and repeat the same song.
But I dare not throw it out. I spent like $2 for the crazy thing.
And what if it came back for me?

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