Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Daddy needs to let go

I don't make it a habit of stealing Internet access.
I know you're not supposed to just log on to any old person's Internet and go careening into cyberspace on their dime.
But I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma at my friend Christi's house and we needed to find some information on other high school friends and I wanted to show off my children and grandchildren.
If the Internet isn't working, that's a crisis.
So I shopped around to see what Christi's neighbors had in the way of Internet.
There were several that had no access protection including a guy called Big Daddy and Dr. T.
Big Daddy had a guest link so I tried that...just as Christi told me she had her own.
So thinking I was going away from Big Daddy, I clicked on her network and tried her password.
It didn't work.
My computer insisted I was linked to Big Daddy Guest.
I tried several times to get away from Big Daddy but no luck.
I shut down my computer and restarted.
Big Daddy still had me in his grasp.
It became kind of a weekend joke as I kept trying to join Christi's network and get away from this guest network.
I could link to Dr. T's network and get out onto Facebook and to my email accounts but I could never get rid of Big Daddy.
It took flying three states away to free my computer of him.
I'm not sure what happened and it's not a huge problem.
But I can't help wondering what was going on.
Is Big Daddy like a neighborhood drug lord who punishes you for trying to get a freebie? Did I commit a cyber crime by attempting to go where I wasn't invited?
Whatever the problem, I'm just happy now to be home and free of this scary guy that I've never met.

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