Monday, June 11, 2012

A whopper

When the winds blew in Friday night, they did more than turn over a truck and blow some limbs off some trees.
They took away one of our neighbor's backyard grills and toppled some flashing from one of the local church steeples.
Then they shut down the "Wizard of Oz" in Orem.
I was worried when I drove in to have dinner with Marc (who is playing the Wizard in this show) and the winds made it hard to get from the car to Smashburger.
I fretted a bit when I had trouble getting across the parking lot to Kohl's.
I wondered how the production would fare since it's staged at the SCERA Outdoor Shell Theater and all of the set pieces and props are out in the weather.
I wondered about the high pieces like the wire tornado and the wizard's tall wagon. How would the witch do on her bike?
Apparently, my worries were well founded since I came home around 9:30 p.m. to find Marc's car already in the garage and the show doesn't end until 10:15 or so.
I came inside to find him ironing and watching his "Superman" DVDs. The show had been cancelled.
The wind had already done some damage by the time he showed up for his microphone check.
One little girl had been hurt when an airborne bench came a' flying and another nearly decked when the door on the witch's tower blew off.
That didn't bode well for a show full of children on an outside stage.
Marc was disappointed but relieved that cooler heads prevailed and those in charge decided it wasn't worth risking lives to tell a story about a tornado that takes Dorothy a long way from Kansas. (Even though it made a bunch of people mad who'd come a long way to see the show.)
Now we're watching the weather channel and crossing our fingers for calm skies for the next couple of weeks.
Whatever happens, it all goes along well with his line, "We better get inside! A storm's coming and it looks like a whopper!"

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