Saturday, June 2, 2012

City Creek rules

I've been wanting to check out the new City Creek shopping center for a while now.
When I was still at the Deseret News and walking up and down the circular stairway I would look out and see it coming together. What was formerly the ZCMI mall became a huge hole in the ground that slowly rose to become new and fancy.
When it was finished, there was so much hoopla it was difficult to tell if it was something wondrous or just new and expensive.
Finally, Kari and I got the chance to take three young girls and see what all the excitement is about.
We brought towels and a change of clothes because we knew there were a lot of water features.
We brought money because we knew there was a Disney store on the premises.
We came to explore and here is what we found:
City Creek has its own entrance from the middle of West Temple.
You drive in and disappear. The parking garage is absolutely huge and takes up acres beneath the streets of the city. After that it's like finding your way inside a spacious building with no windows to let in the outside.
You just sort of follow the signposts and trust that eventually there will be a clue.
In our case, Nordstrom's was the clue.
We came up the elevator and out into the store and found our way to the fountains.
Hannah and Adell were thrilled and promptly starting playing in the water until one of the guards came over to tell them they must have shoes on.
They put their shoes on with their swimsuits which they'd worn under their clothes.
The guard came back to tell them they couldn't wear swimsuits. "We'll get the teenagers if we allow that," he said.
Next he came over to tell me that 1-year-old Mia should be careful of the underwater lights. At the time, I was holding her by both hands so she could dip her toes in the water.
Next we headed to the Food Court dinosaur playground, full of shiny toy slides that looked like all kinds of prehistoric creatures.
The guard there told the girls to take their shoes off.
Next we hit the Disney store and spent enough money to validate our parking ticket, we thought.
Twenty-two dollars later the cashier told us only Macy's and Nordstrom's validate.
We had a good time and we may go again but just an FYI for the promoters of the place.
If you design a place for shopping and advertise that it's fun for families...somebody needs to tell the guards and attendants that families and children will come mess up the place.


  1. I haven't been to City Creek yet. Like you, I remember watching the old mall come down and the big hole turn into a mass on steel and concrete. I'm afraid it will be a bittersweet experience to look over at the old Des News building. But, maybe I'll have so much fun I won't notice it. I will have to remember not to wear my swimsuit! Valerie P.

  2. We briefly considered letting the kids run around naked....:)