Monday, August 20, 2012

Busted for the brownie

My husband will tell you I'm a closet candy smuggler.
I not only don't like paying the high prices for treats at the movie theater, I don't think they offer anything wholesome for my grandchildren.
So I have a habit of smuggling in homemade popcorn with little pieces of chocolate added to the bag and tell myself it's not really that wrong.
It's not like I'm bringing in pizza or pie or ice cream from the outside.
So as I approached the host at the door of the BYU Education Week class I was attending Friday, I covered the mint chocolate brownie in my hand with a copy of The Daily Universe.
I wasn't sure that bringing food into the classroom was forbidden but I suspected it might be.
The good stuff
It was also a pretty big brownie since the girl at the Pastry Shoppe had been in a hurry and cut an extra big piece by mistake.
I was about 30 minutes early so my plan was to sit in the classroom and nibble on my brownie while I read the student newspaper.
I nodded to the host who briefly checked my name on my press pass and I sailed on in.
I selected a seat to the side of the room and settled in, careful not to get bits of brownie on the seat or the floor. (I may be a smuggler but I'm not untidy.)
I was quite happy and about halfway through my brownie when I looked up to see the host approaching.
My heart beat faster. "Oh oh."
I put my hand over the paper that was over my chocolate-frosted treat.
"I noticed you when you came in earlier," he said, smiling and looking at my hand.
"Busted!" I thought.
I figured at the very least I was going to lose the rest of my brownie. No way was I getting away with bringing chocolate through the door.
"Could you give us an opening prayer?" he said. "Would you be so kind?"
Umm, yeah, sure. I could do that. Just let me wipe the crumbs off my chin.

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