Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let me count the bosses

My friend sent me some information about an available job as a book editor.
She said I'd be perfect for it and I ought to check it out.
(Since it's now been almost two years since the Deseret News halved their staff and I became one of the industry's casualties, she thought I could use the opportunity.)
It was nice of her.
But while I appreciate her thinking of me and perhaps I should bite, I think I'll pass.
I've really begun to enjoy working at home, sometimes in my pajamas, doing my own thing.
I toddle into my office as Marc leaves for his office in Orem and check my emails...sort out my deadlines and start "freelancing," (which is another word for doing what you feel like doing for a minor bit of monetary return). (It's a good thing Marc has a bread-and-butter job.)
I spend my time reading books for review, checking out upcoming plays and shows so I can write advances and reviews, I line up interviews with interesting people and look for stories that no one else is doing that my editor might run.
I'm busy all the time.
I'm often juggling as I find myself with a couple of big books I need to read before the same deadline.
I do a lot of waiting for return emails.
For one of my "jobs" I call people in the construction industry trying to get details on projects where a Won-Door accordion door has been used.
For another, I call around Provo City to get information that will make the mayor's message more pertinent.
For another I'm setting up a travel story, arranging for pictures and passes and press privileges.
It's all good because I get to do what I love; write and interview and expand my sphere of understanding and knowledge about the world.
But I realized as I considered applying for this editor job that I'd go back to having one boss dictating my days. I'd have to do what I'm told rather than what I want.
I think I prefer having four or five and none, thank you.


  1. I know how you feel. Writing apps I can do what I want, how I want. And if I don't like how a project is going to can drop it or redo it. The thought of eventually having rules to follow again is chilling.

  2. Hey, by the way. I could really use the Visit/Home Teaching app I talked to you about. I've just been called to be the Visiting Teacher Coordinator. :)

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  4. I'll get right in it, you'll just need an iPad.

  5. Marc has his. What I specifically need is something that will alert me to double or cross-assigning.

  6. Wise decision Sharon. And yes I am too in my pjs...and here it is 11am. LOVE your blog. Its down to earth, direct and yes fun. I bet your family just loves it! I'd be honored for you to post my stuff...but you decide. Thanks for your help and input.

    PS You really need to get rid of the word verification. It stops alot of people from making comments. I was given this good advice just after I started my blog and what a difference it made!