Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A smack on the back

We were all busy with the garage sale.
We had merchandise overflowing the tables.
We had a few customers checking out our wares and prices.
Mia, borrowed from Kari's blog
We even had a clown making balloon animals (he looked suspiciously like my husband behind his makeup).
Scott and Toby were doing tricks on the gymnastics mat in the garage for people who wanted to contribute to their future in the Olympics.
We had cupcakes and cookies and candy for sale.
Mia, the tow-headed, tumbling toddler, was in sugar heaven.
She could reach the cookies on the bake sale table by herself so she was getting her fill of free treats since we couldn't always catch her when she snatched a new cooky.
We also kept her filled up with Capri-Sun drink because the day was hot and we figured she had to be thirsty given all the goodies.
So when she started to gag a bit and spit some of it back up, we three mothers chalked it up to sugar overload.
I grabbed her hands to keep her from getting everything messy.
Kari and Kristy went for paper towels.
Only 9-year-old Alyson had the foresight to smack her on the back.
Mia alive and well
Out came a flat, glossy blue marble like the ones in table displays, a marble she had somehow picked up and put in her mouth (Who knew toddlers did that?).
"I knew she had one in her mouth," Alyson said. "So I made it come out."
None of the rest of us had noticed or thought about what she apparently was choking on.
Alyson in her 9-year-old wisdom had noticed and responded without hesitation.
She's the hero.
She saved the baby.
Good job, Alyson.

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