Monday, August 13, 2012

Mrs. Holiday

I have a friend from the past who needs me to help her become the next Mrs. Holiday.
This is a gracious lady who we used one year as our cover girl for The Utah Valley Life magazine.
I was the editor and I wanted a classic Thanksgiving meal with a hostess who cooked like Martha Stewart but wasn't Martha.
Nancy Judd from Alpine fit the bill.
She taught cooking classes at the local Macey's (ran the place for a while).
She had one of those kitchens with double ovens and lots of counter space and she knew how to make a feast without it looking like a cyclone hit the place.
I remember we were shooting and sampling at her home for hours and it was a delicious experience.
Now she's entered one of these contests that rely heavily on Internet voting to choose a winner so she's a little stressed. There's a cash prize offered and Nancy loves a challenge.
Nancy's entry: Sweet Heirloom Scones
But good inventive cook that she is, she's a much better cook than a Twitter-er or Facebook-ite.
So I told her I'd advertise a little for her here.
She's going for the Mother's Day category.
To vote for Nancy, go to: <>
2. You have to 'like' it. So press 'like'
3. Press vote
4. Type Nancy Judd in the "Search" box. Press enter.
5. Nancy Judd's name, video and recipe will come up. Press the 'vote' button.
You can vote every 12 minutes until Sept. 7th.

If Nancy wins, she'll bring us all treats! (I just threw that last part in for fun.)

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