Saturday, September 1, 2012

Boom, boom, boom, boom.

Bill Harley
There are six of us in the family circle going around singing "Boom, boom, boom, boom!" in the fashion that lends itself to the Bill Harley round.
It's in our heads and it won't leave.
Since Harley involved us in the audience at the Favorite Stories Night at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival Friday in his tale about Bear's party, we've been hooked.
Dovie Thomason
He engaged us, we grandparents and four grandchildren from ages 7-13, sitting at the SCERA in the night air listening to this story about a fictitious bear.
We were all laughing and swaying and singing as we watched this guy with a rubber face become a wolf, a fox daddy trying to get his cubs to bed, a porcupine and a bear throwing a party to which nobody came.
It was a hilarious story and completely silly.
We walked away at the end saying "How can a simple story be so all-involving? Why do I ever do anything else but attend storytelling festivals?"
I don't know.
There's a magic in stories and in the telling.

Donald Davis
We go every chance we get, to hear Donald Davis tells his stories of growing up as a child in the Appalachian Mountains, to hear Dovie Thomason tell about the difference between men and women, strangely the same differences though she's a Native American and we're not. We listen to veteran storytellers and children just learning the skill.
We own several CDs of our favorites and the grandkids beg for them when we go anywhere.
The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival is one of the best and it's right here in our backyard.
It's still going on today and tonight...check out for ticket information and the schedule.

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