Thursday, September 27, 2012

Settling for the rules

This is what the game looks like
 We have this game we used to play that we recently unearthed to share with Marc's youngest daughter and her husband.
  It's one of the Catan series, called The Settlers of the Stone Age, that operates much like the other Catan games except for resources you trade bone, meat, flint and hide instead of food, fuel and coal as you set up camp from here to there.
 We remember it as fun and don't know why it got pushed to the back of the closet except that we like a lot of games so we're always trying out something new.
 So it was with a shock that we prepared to play this game last Sunday night and found the rules missing.
Here's the game board
 We had the gameboard and the cards and the little guys with tribal faces but no rules. Marc and I looked at each other wondering if we could guess our way through.

 No way particularly since Marc is a stickler for the rules.
 We decided to try the wonderful resources available on the Internet and see if we could buy, beg or borrow a copy.
 I wrote to Mayfair Games where the Klaus Teuber games are made and sold.
  They very nicely told me the Stone Age game was made in cooperation with another company that hadn't granted them access to the rules PDF file.
These we have
  Really? In today's world of sharing and electronics?
  Marc decided to write to Kosmos in Germany and get the truth out of them.
  Here's their reply: (I'm not sure they can help us.)

Date: 2012/9/26
Subject: Ihre Serviceanfrage wurde von Volkan Tercan zur Bearbeitung unter der Nummer angelegt

Sehr geehrte(r) Marc Haddock ,

vielen Dank für Ihre Mail und Ihr Interesse an den Kosmos
Experimentierkästen und Spielen.

Ihre Anfrage "Settlers of the Stone Age instructions in English" ist bei
uns, unter der im Betreff angegebenen Service-Nummer, eingegangen. Bitte
beziehen Sie sich bei allen weiteren Anfragen auf diese Nummer.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Volkan Tercan

Anybody out there know what they said? We'd love to know.


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  1. Subject: Your service request has been created by Volkan Tercan for processing under the number

    Dear Sir (s) Marc Haddock,

    Thank you for your mail and your interest in the cosmos
    Construction sets and games.

    Your question "Settlers of the Stone Age instructions in English" is at
    us, under the specified service number in the subject, received. Please
    refer to it in all subsequent requests to that number.

    Sincerely yours

    Volkan Tercan