Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Short dresses, high heels

The look
Marc and I weren't at the school prom in Tooele where girls were sent home for wearing too-short dresses.
But we were at Market Street Grill where we noticed a flock girls who were dressed like colorful birds headed to a dance and the dresses were deemed "tres" short.
We noticed them as the group pranced past us because 1. the dresses were colorful and fun, 2. the dresses were short and fluffy, and 3. their heels were very, very high.
Everyone in the restaurant turned their heads as these kids went by. (The boys in their tuxes just sort of jogged alongside these lovelies.)
We should have taken pix
So I'm not surprised that some hard-working chaperone or uptight school official at Stansbury High decided enough wasn't enough and sent them home for leggings and more material.
The combination of long legs and 7-inch heels and little skirts with poufy slips made for a sort of flamingo look.
It's not something I could have worn even as a teenager although I remember getting some guff for an outfit or two I owned back then. It was, after all, the mini-skirt era.
And it didn't look comfortable.
The lasses minced more than walked and when they sat down, the skirts were kind of all around their middles.
We watched them for most of our meal out of simple fascination.
It made for great entertainment.
So we were not really surprised to hear about the prom debacle where half of the girls trying to attend the dance were turned away for skimpy outfits.
It's a new look for our generation, not something we're really prepared for.
I'm thinking maybe the dress code should say "With skirts shorter than 10 inches, the heels need to be at least less than half that height."

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