Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Keeping it clean

I'm trying to host a little tea party for my girl grandchildren and finding I'm spending more of my time on making sure I don't spread germs around than on decorations or party food.
I want to have these little stations where the girls can get their hair done and their nails polished and some makeup applied.
Sounds easy enough, right?
Except there are 14 girls coming from ages 4-15 and a variety of personalities involved.
I realized I needed to keep things clean so there's no transfer of little critters.
That means an eyelash applicator for each one, a clean comb or brush for each hairdo and individual applicators for lip gloss, blush and eye shadow.
I know from high school that sharing makeup can be bad.
So I bought 14 tubes of lip gloss and 100 eyelash applicators (They only come in quantities of 100 or 1,000 and 1,000 seemed like over kill.)
I have individual Q-tip things to put on eye shadow and cheek glitter.
I have bought new combs and cleaned my brushes.
I have hair decor and ribbons and elastics that can go home with the girls.
Some of the stuff
Now I just have barely enough time to make frappe and ribbon sandwiches and fruit kabobs if I hurry.

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