Saturday, October 20, 2012

Too much protection

I've been trying to order Christmas gifts for my son, his wife and our grandson who live in England.
Since it takes a while to get across the ocean, I usually try to order them early enough that they arrive safe and sound in plenty of time. (And since one is an Advent calendar, it has to be there by or before Dec. 1, don't you think?)
I logged onto the other day and proceeded to make my choices.
I thought I was merely putting my selections in my cart when all of a sudden my screen told me my order was underway.
I hesitated because it was a little earlier than I planned and Marc hadn't had a chance to approve my choice of calendar for Jack.
But what the hey, I decided it was fine.
I clicked along, filling out gift cards with Christmas messages and choosing from the options.
I decided to try and see if my new Amazon credit card would work for the UK site since I had some credit there. It didn't.
I went back and changed the delivery mode to Super Saver.
I tried to see what the charge would be in U.S. dollars rather than pounds.
By the time I was finished, I had made about four changes.
I sent off the order only to hear the phone start ringing.
My credit union fraud department was alarmed that multiple charges were being made against my local debit account.
I told them the first charge of about $60 was fine but I didn't understand why there were several $1 charges after that.
So like a dummy — albeit a cautious dummy — I told them to deny the small charges.
Like good fraud agents, they told me my card would now be blocked and to reinstate it I would now have to travel down to the credit union office to get a new one.
I didn't want that. I had serious shopping to do later at Wal-Mart.
I called back to talk with the people who first called about the "fraud."
They told me to call the credit union which I did.
They told me to call VISA which I did.
Several conversations later, somebody said all was well and the card was now unblocked.
But can't get the charges to go through. They keep retrying with no success.
So finally, I cancelled the transaction just to clear the cyber space.
I'll try it again in a week or so but on a different card.
In the meantime, I guess I appreciate the credit union being so vigilant. They may have saved me $3.

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