Thursday, October 18, 2012

Four feet away

I learned a lot this year at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, some of which I'd just as soon not know but it's there in my aged brain anyway.
For instance, one storyteller was sharing his adventures with bugs and such and told us that anywhere we are in the world at anytime, a spider is no more than four feet away.
I don't remember the point of his story or the punchline but that fact lives with me.
I look around now at wherever I am sitting or lying or standing and try to find the spider before he finds me.
I have to mentally shut that information out when I'm trying to go to sleep at night. (Marc will tell you I already have a certain phobia about creepy crawlies in the sheets.)
I think the storyteller must certainly be wrong. I need to check out his sources of information.
How can there be a spider everywhere?
We also learned about noodling catfish, the joys and the dangers of shoving your arm into a hole at the bottom of a pond and bringing it out with a catfish hanging onto it.
We heard about the kind of mosaic art you can make from dried carrots and peas that have been hidden in an aluminum table leg for many years.
We learned that it's a good thing to just go ahead and hope for the best in any situation because "Ya never know what might happen!"
We learned how dogs...otherwise known as "Dee Oh Gees" evolved from wolf pups to help save mankind.
There was all sorts of new stuff to think about.
I just don't want to dwell much on the spider thing. It's probably poppycock, right?
Although...there's one right now, working his way across my computer table.

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