Friday, October 12, 2012

Grandpa's toy

Hannah told her mom the other day what she really wants for Christmas. She didn't even have to think very long about it.
She very seriously laid it out.
The problem is that it's about $1000.
This 4-year-old blondie with the great big eyes and engaging grin thinks she needs "a computer toy" like Grandpa's Ipad.
She figures it's something Santa could slip into his bag and tote along to her house without much problem.
And it's fun.
She loves it.
She asks him if she can play with "his toy" every time she's in the same room with him.
It's not as if he hasn't encouraged her interest.
He has downloaded all kinds of game apps that appeal to her. He's always excited when he finds a new one for her.
She can dress Tinkerbell for the ball, color all kinds of pictures and draw her own with her finger. She can save them too. (Marc had 10 saved blank pictures from Hannah the other day.)
She likes the colors, the chimes and bells.
She commandeers the device the minute she comes in the door and she isn't willing to share it with the rest of us.
She just doesn't understand that it's basically a work machine for Marc where he keeps tracks of all of his appointments, tasks and daily demands.
He has the scriptures on it, apps for everything from getting dressed to taking medications.
It's an important adult tool for living.
It's also where I play my Angry Birds so Hannah can't have it.

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  1. The iPad mini is due to be released very soon. get her one of those.