Thursday, October 4, 2012

"X" marks the spot

Did anybody worry about the smoking, blue-lighted "X" that landed in the ground at night a few weeks ago?
Anybody see the crowd gathered on the Traverse Mountainside to see the crater "created" when it landed?
Or the scientists garbed in yellow Hazmat suits who came out to investigate?
I thought it was an extraordinary sight and an even more extraordinary event.
Xactware Solutions, the software company my husband works for, is part of a huge, new building going in just north of SR-92.
To mark the groundbreaking, they commissioned a big "X" for the occasion.
It took the employee assigned to the task a week to design and create it in his garage. (It reportedly took him more weeks to perfect his baby.)
The "X" that fell from the Orem sky
The result was beautiful, sleek, and lighted. Smoke rose from behind as it stood, having apparently plummeted from space.
It looked really eerie, just like something from outer space would look.
I was so impressed I wanted to share the images which may show up in the Christmas video at the company party but otherwise won't get the world's attention.
I think it should and I'm amazed no one called in an alarm.
Here's a link to their You Tube spot:

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