Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chatting with the man

It's come to my attention that perhaps I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Osmond fan.
When I was chatting with Donny on the phone the other day, I realized I know a LOT about these people.
I have their books, their CDs, even a movie from way back when, something about Coconuts.
So when I was talking with Donny I told him we ought to keep up this "every six months" pattern of phone calls and interviews.
He said he's on his 8th or 9th career and has no intention of stopping anytime soon so we will probably visit again, especially since he's going to be celebrating his 50th year in show business this next year along with all kinds of other anniversaries as well: his 40th anniversary of "Puppy Love," his 60th album...the list goes on.
He also told me he's updated the Las Vegas show so I'll have to come see it all over again. Such a sacrifice, don't you think?
Over the years, I've watched and written about the various Osmonds as their careers took off,  they made money, lost money, came back to life and took off again.
I've discussed porcelain dolls with Marie and books with Merrill and Jay.
We bought tickets to "Donny and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" when it came to Salt Lake City.
We watched "Dancing With the Stars" for weeks when Donny and then Marie competed. (Donny won, he's quick to point out again and again.)
I attended the funeral for Mother Osmond and talked with Wayne and Alan and Jimmy about various projects, concerts and the Stadium of Fire.
Currently I'm listening nonstop to their latest CD — produced by Jimmy but featuring the family in one track or another —in the car and in the house.
I'm planning on attending the Christmas concert at Abravanel Hall in December and making plans to get back to Vegas.
And yet, I've never considered myself an Osmond groupee...
Do you think I'm in denial?

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