Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grandmas breaking the law

My husband will tell you I have no patience for rules and regulations that make no sense to me.
When I see something I want to do and there's no good reason to hold back from doing it, I'll go under the rope, around the barrier and in through the closed door.
(Now, if there's a train coming, a deep pit to fall into or a hazardous waste sign on the door, I'll behave.)
But on Tuesday, when I was trying to get to my granddaughter's elementary school in time to have lunch with her, I ignored the "No Parking" sign in front of the house that is apparently located too near the school.
Since the school has inadequate parking, I'm sure these people get a lot of cars parked in front of their house.
Poor them.
But this was an emergency and there was little choice in the matter.
I'd received a last-minute call from my son telling me his 6-year-old daughter, Emma, had announced it was Grandparent's Day at school and grandparents were supposed to come for lunch.
He called me at around 10 a.m. and I was supposed to be in Salt Lake to meet Emma at 11:30. I was supposed to bring a sack lunch and be on time.
I hustled to get a couple of errands done and find the address and get there so she wouldn't stress.
(I think there's nothing worse than a late grandma when she's expected.)
I hit the parking lot at 11:29 and joined a circling pack of grandparents trying to find places to park.
The parking area was miniscule and there were a lot of us.
To the north was a tiny faculty parking lot and I would have parked there but there were no spaces available. To the east was another lot with openings but you couldn't get there without crossing the sidewalk. (I considered it and if I'd been in our SUV, I might have gone for it.)
After a couple of drive-arounds, I headed back down the surface streets. There was a space in front of this little house with a big "No Parking between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m." sign and just enough space for my little Mazda.
I parked.
I jogged into the school.
I met Emma and we had a fine lunch. (I also broke the rule about talking while eating. Apparently first-graders are under orders to "Eat and not talk," according to Emma.)
On the way out, I passed other grandparents hustling in and muttering about the parking.
I also found three other cars in the driveway of the house where I'd briefly but illegally parked.
I say "Hurray for them!"
We grandparents know what's at stake here and we won't be denied.

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