Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It bugs me

I think the hostess at Harpoon Harry's thought it would soften the blow if she was straight up about their termite problem.
"Do you want a table with a view of the harbor or a booth in the back?" she asked as we came in the door.
"The tables in front have a few termites that have come out because of the heat," she said. "There's not so many in the back."
Apparently because the buildings are ancient and next to the beach, the stores in the Dana Point Harbor all have this problem.
The hostess didn't seem very concerned but she waited for us to decide.
"Uh, a table with a view I guess," I said but inwardly I cringed.
I really hate bugs and I really hate eating with some.
But I didn't really know much about termites, what they looked like or how big they were. And it seemed to me that if there were termites in the front, there would be termites in the back.
I kinda figured if the restaurant wasn't majorly worried about the situation, I shouldn't be.
Once we were seated and starting to look over the menus, I noticed some fluttering in the window easements.
I thought perhaps it was a fly but then there were more flutterings.
I counted three termites which actually look a lot like the little moths that hatch in old grain and such with wings and shiny tiny heads.
Creepy Crawlies
It bothered me to have them at the dinner table with me but Marc said they were harmless right up until one landed in his meal.
That made it a little less acceptable.
I finished my fish. He finished his halibut and we skedaddled but not before we overheard the waiter explaining the termites to an unhappy couple in the nearby table.
"Yeah, we are having a problem," he said. "It's because the wood is so old. We try to get rid of them but they always come back."
I think razing might be a good solution.

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