Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Another dumb way to die

Marc and I have become ardent fans of Tangerine Kitty and the latest safety video for the Melbourne Metro in Australia.
It's funny, catchy and a great piece of entertainment.
Kitty sings the little ditty that gets stuck in your head after you watch these colorful little jelly bean characters run into deadly trouble, one after another.
"Dumb Ways to Die" is a clever short that's creating an Internet sensation. At last count it had more than 26 million You Tube views. It went viral the first week with 12 million.
We discovered it via a tip from a guy in Marc's office and we've since sent it to our grandson in England and our granddaughter in Spanish Fork and shared it with nearby family on Thanksgiving.
One granddaughter promptly learned all the words and drew pictures of all the little jelly bean guys (even though there's one guy with piranhas hanging onto his private parts that's a bit questionable for kids).
So when we read the news item this morning about the guy who died from downing too many live cockroaches at once in his attempt to win a python, we laughed when we should have clucked our tongues in sympathy.
Seems this guy in Florida was well on his way to winning the eating contest when his system became overwhelmed with cockroach body parts. He couldn't breathe and swallow the roaches at the same time so he died.
Rather unfortunate, I say and SO dumb.
I think Melbourne Metro may want to add him to their list.
Here's the URL to the video:

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