Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Save time, stand in line early

My husband just phoned to say he was going to be late to work.
I insisted he go along to vote this morning BEFORE work rather than AFTER work because I have a meeting I need him to attend for me tonight.
Marc is irritated because the lines were long and there was a huge bottleneck – not so much because it's election day and time's up but because someone in their infinite wisdom consolidated districts so although there were plenty of polling stations, there was only one book listing the registered voters.
That made him mad.
And judging by the long, long, lines I'm seeing on television that snake around school buildings and have lots of frustrated voters standing around, it's pretty much the same all over Utah.
So my question is why bother with the early voting?
If it doesn't make it any easier on the actual day, why take up people's time and space to open early voting times?
I actually voted early.
In fact, I went on the first day in the first hour and stood in, about 90 minutes.
I went to the American Fork Library where the voting took place in a community room just off the main foyer.
It was kind of sad because people would come in the front door, see the foyer with only a few people visibly in line and think they were home free.
Then you watched their faces fall as they came further in and found the line winding round and round the rotunda area like a Disneyland line.
The library staff were kind enough to put chairs here and there for the oldsters among us who couldn't take the long stand.
I worked my way through and got away in enough time to pick my granddaughter up from piano -- two hours after I started -- so I was fine.
I calmly stated my name because I was registered, picked up my credit-like card, entered it in the right place and marked my votes. Then I  was on my way. (A lot of other seniors like me couldn't figure out the card thing...It took them longer.)
And I've actually been pleased with myself for the past two weeks because I didn't have to worry about it. (I'm also happy I don't have to cover elections this year and, thank the Lord, the campaign ads will now stop!)
Marc likes to wait and so now, he's sorry but not very because let's see, by voting early I only saved myself, what, 30 minutes?
Is there possibly a better way?

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