Friday, November 9, 2012

Back in the sky again

This is actually a post script to my earlier post.
I HAVE fixed the broken antenna. We can get radio reception once again.
After I hooked it on the garage door and broke it, I looked it up online and found that a new one would cost $45 or so.
I called the dealer and they said, "Oh, sure, bring it right in."
I brought it right in.
That's when the trouble started.
The guys in the service department were impressed with how the thing broke right off at the base, leaving a tiny part of the metal rod inside the mount.
They looked around and found they had an antenna my size in the stock room.
They brought it out and announced that they would put in on for $50.
I tried to understand what they were saying.
"So it's $50 for the part and installation?" I asked.
It's $100. Fifty for the antenna. Fifty to get the little piece out and screw in the new antenna.
Now, I've taken the antenna off and put it back on many times at the car wash. I figured I could do it again.
It might take me a minute to get the broken bit out but how hard could it be?
"Just take some vise-grips and pull it out," the guys said.
I went home a touch miffed.
They are an auto dealer. I bought my Mazda from them and I remember them making all kinds of promises to us when we signed on the dotted line, things like "service with a smile" and "making sure you Drive Happy ever after."
They have the equipment and the know-how to do this stuff.
I, on the other hand, have only everyday pliers and a kitchen chair.
I took on the challenge.
I managed to get the bit out but only after I pinched my finger and slid dangerously on the garage floor cement before I could reach the problem.
As I successfully screwed in the new antenna I reflected.
What took me about 30 minutes would have taken the Mazda guys probably 15 seconds.
I'm an old lady. They're young and strong. They know what they're doing. I do not.
What's wrong with this picture?

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