Thursday, November 15, 2012

No substitutions please

At the request of a couple of friends of ours, Marc and I attended a VIP performance of the musical "Legally Blonde" recently in Salt Lake.
The cast was energetic, a whole slew of kids destined for the big time someday but meanwhile in a high school especially designed for those with singing, dancing or acting talent.
They didn't want to do the same old thing so they really didn't.
The set was fun.
The music was just plain lively and there were a lot of cute bits.
Our friends who are the directors of this operation (The Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts) had skillfully woven together the talents of about 80 hyper teenagers and put them on a tiny stage to put on a novel and complicated show.
I hadn't seen the touring company version of this show but I knew the Reese Witherspoon airline movie version.
I thought I was prepared.
But, hmmm, I'm not sure this is a show for a backwoodsy Mormon grandmother.
The directors, thankfully, had changed the words that prefaced every sentence and nearly every song with the text letters OMG.
But, you know, the brain still plays out the actual words even if you try to pretend it stands for "Oh, my goodness."
Marc and I kind of sat there in a stunned state, surrounded by the young, the wild and the hip.
The blasphemy never stopped.
Apparently, we are still pretty old-fashioned.
We like to think we keep up but the message and the music and the mockery shocked us. It was all so bold.
Most of the time we were open-mouthed, completely taken aback.
Are we alone in our reaction here?

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