Thursday, March 27, 2014

Making a wise choice

At our house, we have one registered Republican and one registered Democrat — both with pretty strong views on politics.
Marc, like his father, is a Democrat and not afraid to shout it out.
I, like my mother, am a Republican because I always thought that was the right thing to be.
I grew up in a household where Republicans were just accepted as the party that good people supported.
For many years, I thought a Democrat was synonymous with a villian.
Thus, we've had many a discussion in our kitchen about socialism (which I think Democrats invented and support) and liberals (which Marc believes are a good thing if you're a thinking, sober voter.)
So when it became clear that we were expected to attend voter caucuses this year it got interesting at our house.
Marc was headed to the Democratic one but felt like it was going to be a waste of his time since no one else in Utah seems to be a Democrat.
I was headed to the Republican caucus but unsure of what I would be getting into.
Marc has been before and even been a delegate.
But I still didn't see what I could accomplish.
My views are admittedly more liberal than most standard issue Republicans, especially in Utah.
Marc went off to his and came back elected as precinct chair and appointed to be a delegate.
But he said the caucus was poorly organized, poorly attended and it was hard to tell where to go.
In contrast, we got this detailed note on our door advising us about the Republican Neighborhood Caucus.
It listed where, when and how with phone numbers to call with questions.
We were told we could file for office in advance, skip waiting in the check-in line and pre-register online.
We were told we could even register at the door and send in our ballots without attending the meeting.
It was informative and it promised refreshments.
It provided a stark contrast to the Democratic preparation and I like cookies.
I think I'll stick with the Republicans.

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