Friday, March 28, 2014

Give the girl a big kiss

I learned something new at the doctor's office yesterday.
It started with a phone call from Mia's other grandma just as I was getting out my paints.
Seems our adorable, ever curious 2-year-old had pushed a tiny, plastic, purple flower up into her nose and it wouldn't come back out.
Her grandma — who is taking the front end of the babysitting stint while Kari and Wade are in Hawaii — was worried.
"I don't think this is an emergency," she said. "But I think we might want to get her to a doctor."
I went into flying mode.
Since we live only a few minutes away from the girls, I know the way to their doctor and they know me at the office.
They didn't even blink when I announced I was bringing in a granddaughter with something up her nose.
I explained the situation and showed them the unhappy little girl.
(She actually was fairly calm and headed right for the Kid's Corner and the toys. She didn't get unhappy until they called her name and took her away from the toys.)
We went into the exam room.
There the doctor checked her out and verified that, yes, indeed, there was a tiny toy up inside her left nostril.
He thought over his options.
"I can try and get it out with some suction but there's something else I want to try first," he said. "You'll think it's a little strange."
He was looking at me.
"You'll need to do this because she knows you and she's less likely to fight you," he said.
OK. I remembered when her big sister did this with a little pink ball and it involved some screaming and wrestling. I wanted to watch somebody else do whatever had to be done.
"You need to pinch her other nostril shut and give her a big kiss, blowing a puff of air into her mouth when you kiss her. Sometimes that will push it right out," he explained.
Hmm. OK again.
I moved over to Mia who was laying there on the table all quiet.
I could do this.
I pinched her nose, I leaned down. I kissed her and puffed.
Nothing except she did taste like the chocolate cookie I'd given her on the way over.
"Try again, only seal her mouth with yours," said the doctor.
I did it again, puffing harder.
This time, a sliver of purple flower showed and I grabbed it, pulling out the offending toy to cheers from the nurses and the doctor.
Mia grinned and moved to hop off the table.
"That worked!" I said in surprise to the doctor, grateful that I could report to Mia's mom, dad and grandma that she was just fine.
"Yeah. It does sometimes. Great for when you get something like a popcorn kernel or something light up in there," he said.
Good to know given that we have a lot of little grandkids yet to try out what might fit in their noses.
Kind of like CPR for kids who inhale toys.

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