Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Know the territory

So the guy lecturing to us was from out of town.
He really had no way of knowing whom he was talking to other than he was speaking for the Utah Library Association to a roomful of library directors and library board members at a Trustee Training event.
He was actually pretty good at discussing the topic and at helping us all realize we have to bring more to the table as trustees.
We need to communicate our love for libraries and market what a library brings to a community.
We need to come prepared to discuss agenda topics and make sound decisions without a lot of dilly-dallying.
We were interested in what he had to say.
And we listened when he told us to take our opportunities when they came around.
We were attentive.
Sometimes we even answered his questions.
But when he asked us if we like Nebraska, there wasn't a swift response.
There was a thunderous quiet.
When he asked if anybody has seen the movie, "Nebraska," he really showed he was clueless.
He was pretty surprised that no one raised their hand.
"Really?" he said, "Nobody here has seen the movie? It's a pretty good movie!"
We all just sort of sat there taken by surprise.
He apparently lives in Nebraska and thinks it's a great place.
He wanted us to share our opinions but we were instead a totally silent group.
I don't think any of us really disagreed with his opinions on the state but seeing the movie is another thing entirely.
I wanted to explain the obvious to this guy.
I don't think he put it together.
He was in Utah.
We are pretty much Mormons here and we don't go to see R-rated movies.
If we do, we're probably not going to admit to it in public.
My heck.

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