Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's not like I do sarcasm

One of my sweet young granddaughters recently had a Parent-Teacher Conference interview.
She got good marks for her reading skill and comprehension and scored well on the test that determines if she's ready for the next grade level.
She's doing OK in math.
She's great in art.
In fact, the only thing the teacher suggested she work on is her behavior in class.
Seems she likes to make sarcastic remarks and make everybody laugh.
Sometimes her humor is misunderstood and she hurts feelings.
I listened to her mother talk about what the teacher said and felt a little responsible.
I harked back to the days when my teachers were telling my parents that "Shari (my nickname then) really likes to talk and she thinks she's funny. She disrupts the class."
I wondered if I'm setting a poor example for this young girl.
Because, you know, it's not like I do and say sarcastic things out of a desire to be mean.
It's just a natural way of thinking and talking for me.
I automatically make a joke about everything.
It can be problematical.
And I don't want my grandchild to think she can be naughty.
On the other hand, I like that she's unafraid to speak up, willing to say what she thinks.
In the long run, I think she'll get further in this world if she's fairly unabashed.
She'll be a leader.
She'll be self-confident.
Or maybe she'll always be in trouble, like I am.

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