Monday, January 24, 2011

A child's prayer

The missing bear's costume
The bear returneth
We were finishing up a family party when Adell discovered she'd lost her little bear — a tiny, blue creature that fits inside a white Panda bear coat kind of thing.
It was late. People were leaving.
The house was big with plenty of places for a tiny toy to hide and I wasn't sure what the thing looked like.
I hadn't paid attention when Adell lost it at the church or in the car.
But she was frantic and unwilling to leave until we found this itsy, bitsy bear.
We were up in the family room at my daughter's house and because cousins and adults had been playing something or other in the room for hours, there were toys scattered everywhere.
Finding a half-inch plastic creature was nigh impossible.
"We'll have to go. Maybe Kristy will find it later when she's cleaning up," I suggested.
Adell ignored me and forged on, turning over toys and bean bags and dolls.
"We really have to go home, it's late," I said, as I surveyed the littered floor.
"I know! I'll ask Jesus to help!" said this 5-year-old who had obviously listened in her Primary classes.
She dropped to her knees and said a simple but heartfelt prayer telling Jesus her bear was lost and she needed to have it.
Then she popped up and looked around expectantly.
No bear.
I said my own earnest little prayer, hoping the bear would magically turn up and reward her faith.
I doubted whether God had time to look for a miniature bear with all that's going on in the world.
Probably my lack of faith hurt Adell's chances for finding her precious toy because we had to leave without it.
We told Kristy to keep an eye out for it and we journeyed home when more disaster struck.
She lost the bear costume that goes with the bear.
Marc tossed the blanket and searched the back of the car but we couldn't find it either.
A very sad little girl went in to tell her mom she'd lost her new toy.
This morning, I found the costume under the seat belt and we're headed back out to Kristy's to conduct a more thorough search.
If that doesn't work, we'll probably head to the Smith's to buy a new bear. (Adell told us when we offered that then she'll have two bears and she doesn't need two bears!)
Meanwhile, I'm left with this image of a sweet young girl dropping to her knees in all confidence only to be disappointed.
What do you say when this happens?
P.S. The bear has been found and is safely back with its youthful owner. It took a united effort on the part of Kristy, Marc, Kari and Grandma to accomplish the mission but in the end, Adell's prayer was answered. All is well.


  1. I'd like to say, for the record, that it was really her parents influences that taught her to pray, not so much Primary class. Just so I get a little credit!

  2. She's obviously taken the lessons to heart. Such a sweetie.