Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My teacher is gone

I'm on Adell's speed dial and so lately I'm getting a lot of short but fascinating phone calls.
I picked one up just yesterday.
"Grandma?" said this sad little voice.
"Yes, this is grandma. Is this Adell?" I said.
"My teacher is gone," she stated. "My teacher is gone."
"What?" I asked. "Where did she go?" (I knew that her preschool teacher was having financial difficulties and facing a foreclosure but her mom hadn't been told her leaving was imminent.)
"She's gone. I went to her house and she was gone," she said again through tears.
"Oh, no!" I said. "So you don't have school anymore?"
"I have school," she insisted with 5-year-old logic. "But my teacher is gone!"
Seems that her teacher had packed up over the weekend and departed.
She didn't say goodbye. She didn't leave a treat. (She didn't refund the month's tuition she'd collected just days before.)
She is just gone.
All these little kids showed up Monday morning in their winter coats on the front steps and there was nothing but a cold, dark, house waiting for them.
The moms were all mad.
The kids were all sad.
And at least this one grandma is incensed.
How can a preschool teacher lady do something like this?
These sweet children loved their teacher. They'd come to depend on her and the things at her house.
They trusted her and counted her as a friend.
For her to just disapper without even a hug or a goodbye scene is deplorable.
Wish she was on my speed dial.

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  1. That's horrible, Jack loves all of his teachers and would be heartbroken if any one of them absconded.